Not Letting Failure ‘Go to Your Heart’

“Not Letting Failure ‘Go to Your Heart'”  was written by guest contributor Jennifer Nguyen.

With my graduation quickly approaching I’ve been thinking quite a bit about where I am now and how far I’ve come! It’s been wildly expansive on my pursuit to check “Get a college degree” off my bucket list!

But just a year ago there was a time that I was not soaring so high.

As a student who has been developing the strategies to be successful at teaching and guiding others, I’d like to believe that I could be a role model when it comes to dealing with failure. I knew I was going to need to embrace it on my road to success, BUT I hate to fail!

My heart was in it; I’ve been on the Deans List every semester “failing Algebra was not written in the script!!!”

I cried I had to allow myself the luxury of feeling the pain and negative emotions that accompanied failure. When faced with defeat we all have a different way of confronting it, although it’s not healthy to suppress emotions it’s just as toxic to hang out with them for too long.

Feel them, release them and don’t allow them to “go to your heart!” Being a natural born leader my Yang energy is much greater than my Yin making it a challenge to accept any kind of setback.

The reality of life is that nonsuccess is a given that leads to growth and resiliency. Everybody on the planet that has reached great success has experienced his or her share of epic fails. Lesson learned failure could be a great source of motivation if you don’t let it own you…

In a society based on success and achievement failure can be soul crushing. Fall in love with yourself deeply enough not to be bothered with the negative things people might say about the things you don’t do “right.” Honoring our feelings of dissatisfaction and embarrassment allows that energy that we are carrying with us to be freed.

Be kind to yourself, reflect on past successes and remain optimistic about what’s ahead!

My fine sense of humor wasn’t going to save me that time there was no salvaging the grade! Admitting our failures and committing to improving is the only way to success (whatever that looks like to you!). As far as I was concerned every moment happens for a reason and this was a sign to evaluate and improve my performance.

When you recognize your real potential you’ll effortlessly step into your greatness!

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Jennifer Nguyen
Jennifer Nguyen practicing yoga on the beach near Cocoa, Florida.

About Jennifer Nguyen: Jennifer is a licensed stylist, performer and yoga guide.  She’s always had a passion for being physically active and exposing the light in others. Follow Jennifer on Instagram @Zennylynn or check her out on Facebook

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