Overcome Job Dissatisfaction & Manifest the Perfect Career!

Some of us have jobs that are exciting and fun, but many of us do not.  Often, people are stuck in unfulfilling careers and are living for the weekend or the next vacation.  For many of these people, work has become an endless, daily grind.  If this describes your work situation, you might be interested in learning how to overcome job dissatisfaction and manifest the perfect career with the Law of Attraction.

Attracting the perfect career for oneself can seem very, very tricky.  There are so many options out there, which one do you choose? Or maybe you went to school to get a degree or certification for your current job and you feel you have to stick with it because you’ve already invested a lot of money in it.  You might also be in the position where you’ve put in a lot of years at your current job and gambling on a new career you are uncertain about would cost you your seniority.

While there might seem to be a lot of obstacles that prevent you from finding the perfect career, if you use the principles of the Law of Attraction effectively you can manifest the perfect job in a way that is easy and fun and comes to you in a way that feels manageable and appropriate for your situation.

If you are interested in manifesting the perfect career, here are a few suggestions to try out.  I used them myself, and now I am doing something I’m really excited about-so I believe they could work for anyone!

Set your intention

The first step in the process is simply to ask.  Ask the universe to bring you a new career that is exciting and fulfilling.  Say a quick prayer, or meditate on the idea for a while.  We greatly increase our odds of getting what we want when we ask for it, so be sure to set your intention!

When you set your intention, just ask for a fun and exciting career and let it go.  The right career can be attracted to you from wherever you stand, so worrying about any limitations or obstacles is unnecessary and only makes the process of attraction slower.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, what degrees you’ve gotten (or haven’t gotten), how many years you’ve put in at your current job or how old you are.  The perfect career can be drawn to you from wherever you are and it can work around whatever limitations you think you have, so just put it out there that you want one and let the universe hammer out what it is, and how it can come in the perfect way for you.

Follow your path of highest excitement

This is a piece of advice from Bashar, a supposed entity channeled by a man named Darryl Anka.  Even if you are skeptical about channels, this information is priceless!

In as many moments as you can throughout your day, try to pick your activities based on your highest excitement.  Even if you have a bunch of chores to do today, start with the chore that feels the most appealing and exciting.  When you’re done with your first chore, pick the next one to do that feels the most appealing and repeat this process throughout the entire day.

So everyday, keep asking yourself: “of the available options, what do I feel like doing most right now?” If you can stay on the path of highest excitement you will attract excitement into all areas of your life, including your job.

Here’s a video clip of Bashar explaining the path of highest excitement.  If it doesn’t load, please click here.


Make peace with your current job, and find reasons to feel positive about it!

When we focus too deeply on the things we dislike about our current jobs, we project job dissatisfaction, and this will only ever bring us jobs that leave us feeling unfulfilled.  Instead, make it your mission to identify things you like about your job.

Maybe you have a coworker who’s become a good friend, you have customers who are really nice or you have great benefits.  Maybe you’ve got a nice office, you like your hours or schedule, or you have a short commute to work.  Reach for as many good feeling thoughts as you can about where you are to generate a vibration of satisfaction with your current profession and you will attract a career that is satisfying to you.

If you feel particularly negative about your job, it might be a challenge to focus only on the positive 100% of the time, and that’s ok. Every positive thought you generate will bring you closer to the vibration you need to be at.  There is a “tipping scale” when it comes to your vibration, so keep generating positive thoughts and you will get to a point where you are projecting enough job satisfaction to make you a match for a more fulfilling career.

Add some fun into your current job

To overcome job dissatisfaction, always be on the lookout for new ideas to make your current job more exciting and fun.  For example, when I was a high school teacher I decided to start looking for short, 2-5 minute funny video clips I could show to my students on days we finished a our lesson a little early.  I figured this could be an easy way to make my job more enjoyable and have a little extra fun at work.

This was a great idea for me because I would get really excited when I found especially funny clips in anticipation of how the kids would respond.  It was fun for me to see the kids laughing and excited and leaving class at the end of the period happy and smiling.  It was also fun for me to spend a little time each week looking for funny videos to watch.  Though it was just a small adjustment to what I had been doing beforehand, it really amped up my energy and excitement about being at work.

Let your new career path unfold naturally on its own

I used to believe you had to search for the right job.  I read a lot of books about finding the right career, I took a lot of career aptitude tests and I spent a lot of time deliberating over what would be the best career path for me.  Unfortunately, this was a lot of wasted effort because the vibration I was projecting at that time was one of searching and working too hard.  As a result, I attracted a series of jobs that were hard and draining and I always felt like I had to keep searching.

When I abandoned this strategy and started using the above principles, I stopped looking and searching and simply adjusted my vibration to project more positive thoughts, excitement and fun at work.  Then, the career path came to me, without me having to even look for it.

Out of the blue one day, I had an intuitive moment and I just knew I was supposed to be teaching people about the Law of Attraction.  It was a clear flash of insight into a career path I’d never before considered.  I felt, with certainty, this was where I was headed, and very quickly I started to see how I was going to do this in a way that was manageable and worked for me and my family.  Six months later, I left my job to embark on this new career path.

So relax and have faith.  If you’ve asked for a fulfilling career, if you’re following your highest excitement and if you’ve found a way to stay positive and have fun at your job you will naturally be directed to a more fulfilling career, even if you have no idea what that career would be right now.  Adjusting your vibrational energy is all you have to do.  Project feelings of fun, excitement and satisfaction about work, and the perfect career for you will simply fall into your lap because you are a vibrational match to it.

I hope you find these steps useful.  I believe the world would be a better place for all of us if more people were able to overcome job dissatisfaction and find exciting and fun careers, so I’d love for you find the perfect fit for you (if you haven’t already)!

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