If you are trying to create a life you love, being positive is absolutely essential.  People who focus on the positive create much better circumstances for themselves than do people who are negatively minded.

These days, our society frequently seems geared to bring out the negativity in people.  Our television programming, music and advertising often encourage us to complain about our problems, be intolerant of others and fight when we feel misunderstood or taken advantage of.  Therefore, to be a positive person in this day and age can require a tremendous amount of character, as there are many circumstances that make it challenging to stay optimistic, tolerant and kind. 

That being said, there is a huge opportunity for us to improve the quality of life for all people by choosing to be more positive.  Our thoughts, beliefs and actions create a ripple effect that reaches all around the globe.  Choosing to be positive helps everyone, at least in some small way. 

So, are you a positive person right now? To assess how positive you are today, run through this list of questions.  Remember, we are always growing and improving, so if there is an area that you don’t score particularly high on (and that will be the case for many of us), it’s actually a good thing.  It means that you’ve identified an area that you can focus on to be more positive and have a happier, more fulfilling life.

Do you focus on your positive qualities? Positive people spend more time focusing on what they like about themselves than on what they don’t like.  They do not stand in the mirror and pick apart all of their “problem areas.”  They don’t obsess over their mistakes and shortcomings.

Positive people focus their finer qualities, and allow themselves to feel good about the things they are proud of in themselves.

Do you focus on the positive qualities in others? Positive people try to look for the good in others.  They can find the silver lining in every cloud, and the beauty in every soul.  A positive person will be able to identify someone’s redeeming qualities, even when that someone is being exceptionally negative or toxic.

Do you use positive language? Positive people naturally use positive language.  Instead of saying things like “I can’t,” “I won’t,” or “this is what’s wrong,” you are far more likely to hear a positive person say “I can,” “I will” or “this is what’s right!”

This isn’t to say that you will never hear a positive person use negative language.  However, a positive person will focus more intently on possibilities and things to be grateful for than on limitations and things to be disappointed in.  A person’s language is simply a reflection of their thoughts, so the more positive the language, the more positive the thoughts!

Do you have big dreams? Positive people believe that anything is possible.  They generally do not entertain limiting belief structures that can keep them from doing what they really want to do.

Positive people continually reach for their dreams, and have faith in their ability to obtain them, even when others can’t see their vision.

Do you handle confrontations with compassion and diplomacy? Positive people, like all people, will have to deal with confrontations from time to time.  However, when dealing with a confrontation, positive people will show respect to the other party.  They will not confront others with the intent of hurting them or getting back at them, but rather because they want to improve the relationship with the other person.

Do you accept others for who they are?  Positive people accept the differences in others.  They do not feel threatened by the fact that other people have alternative beliefs, thoughts and actions.

Positive people have solid faith in themselves, and this is why they can accept others.   Positive people feel good about where they stand even if they are misunderstood or disliked. For this reason, they do not feel the need to justify their worth through judging and belittling the differences in others.

These are just a few questions to ask yourself to assess how positive you are right now.  Most of us will score low in a few areas and that’s perfectly normal and perfectly fine.  We all have the capacity to become more accepting and loving people, so if you find that you are deficient in any of these areas, be grateful that you’ve found something to improve upon to enhance the quality of your life! 

Remember, even if you have some negative thought tendencies, you are a wonderful person who has a lot to offer the world.  You deserve the very best out of life, and making the choice to become more positive is the key to getting it!

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Photo Credit: “Best Friends” by Owen Young. Some Rights Reserved.  This image has been cropped and resized.

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    Très beau site, et de belles recommandations pour continuer la vie qui parfois peut sembler difficile, merci d’être là, d’exister pour celles et ceux qui vous attendez…

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