Raise Your Vibration & Change Your Situation

“Raise Your Vibration & Change Your Situation” was written by guest contributor, Jason Demakis.

Your “vibration” is the summation of your overall thoughts and attitude toward life.

The conscious mind steers and directs the nature of your thinking, and the subconscious mind receives these imprints, and catalyzes your experiences.

The key to good “vibe work” is to fill your conscious mind with as much constructive, positive, conducive-to-progress thinking as possible.

A strong, confident vibration of unconditional happiness and excitement will allow you to attract the resources needed to maintain focus on your goals – and thus achieve them with maximum/optimal effectiveness and efficiency.

This is not a theory.

This is how the Law of Attraction works.

Your subconscious mind is the seat of everything that’s ever happened to you.

It’s the storehouse of your mental habits, and thus, the very causes for the things which you attract on a daily basis.

Most people will naturally be skeptical of this since they never fully commit.

This is exactly why most people appear to have random, disconnected things happening all at once in their lives; they are not aware of this information, and thus their subconscious is left wide open for suggestion, manipulation, and direct programming via external influences.

The average person typically swings back and forth between the states described in this article, and failure to polarize to one end or the other intentionally, deliberately, and consciously, is precisely why people get mixed results.

In order to begin working with synchronicty, you need to “go big or go home”; the universe doesn’t respond well to second-guessing, insecurity, and constant worrying.

It responds beautifully to unconditional courage, however.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re not required to “have faith” and adopt a naive sense of “mystical wonder” of these “mysterious principles” that so many people more often than not simply ignore.

This is quite literally the science of the mind.

Those who are unaware of how their subconscious mind works are operating with half of their power obscured from themselves.

This is like having one hand tied behind your back for your entire life. When it’s finally freed, you suddenly have more power than before.

Science is moving closer and closer to integrating with what we currently label “metaphysics”, and it’s beginning to understand more clearly the relationship between the observer and the reality they inhabit. The miraculous ability for the mind to heal the body has been recorded throughout history, and still baffles modern medical professionals.

I’ve officially reached a threshold where I can no longer deny how powerful my own mind is in creating and shaping my reality experience, regardless of how much others insist they can’t create the same for themselves.

I was there, and I felt the same way when people talked about this stuff. After several 30 day trials and blatant synchronicity over and over and over, it’s time to do some serious writing on getting your conscious and subconscious aligned and in tune with one another as much as possible.

If anything, science has some catching up to do with YOU…if you can cultivate the courage to live by these personal truths that will prove themselves valid to you over and over and over again!

Below is a simple step-by-step exercise for aligning your mind, and priming yourself for feeding your subconscious all the powerful fuel it needs to begin inviting beneficial synchronicity into your experience:


1. Relaxify!

Never meditated before? No problem!

You don’t need a dark room with candles and incense burning in order to begin accessing your true, core self.

If you believe a specific ritual will work for you, it will.

That’s the entire point of this.

Your subconscious mind is going to operate on your current beliefs.

Your current beliefs are what’s manifesting your current experiences.

Change your beliefs on the subconscious level, and you change what “you attract” into your life.

If you believe you must pray and light candles and chant before manifestation can work for you, that’s the prerequisite you’ve set up for yourself before you allow yourself to accept that it will work.

If you believe you need candles or it won’t work, and you don’t use candles – it probably won’t work.

However, if you believe you need candles, and you use candles – you’re working within your current beliefs, and thus can gradually begin changing them once you start getting results.

The goal of this exercise is for you to start becoming aware of how your current beliefs are creating your current reality.

The goal of relaxing is to get you to become conscious of yourself in the present moment; this is the domain in which we will be working.

Get yourself into whatever position is most comfortable for you, be it lying down on the couch or your bed, or even sitting up comfortably in a chair with your hands at your sides. As long as you’re not hunching over, you’re good!

Draw a nice, big, deep breath in (three long seconds), hold it (for one long second), then exhale (three long seconds).

I count via “One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi” out of personal comfort; you just want your inward breaths to be deep – then hold it for a second or two – then release it slowly in the same rhythm as your inward breaths.

Practice doing this for a few moments. Repeat this process until you establish a comfortable, slow and steady rhythm for inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly and fully.


2. Begin Becoming Conscious of Your Own Thinking

After a minute or two of relaxing yourself via deep rhythmic breathing – begin focusing your consciousness on the thoughts that are already present within your mind.

This step is important; don’t be so much concerned with altering what’s on your mind just yet – simply become aware of the thoughts that are already perpetuating in your mind right now – and don’t try and “fight off” anything negative or less than optimal.

You just want to “silently observe” your own thinking while maintaining that rhythmic breathing in step one.

After several minutes, you’ll eventually realize that because you’re observing your thoughts – but not interfering or directing them in any way, shape or form – that you’re NOT your thoughts!

What’s even more amazing is that you’ll also realize that every thought is a belief.

Thoughts are beliefs, because you’re experiencing them as real in your head in the present moment.

When you realize that every single thought is a belief, you realize that you have to begin watching your thinking if you want to change your life.

(Seriously. Trust me on this one. Start treating thoughts as if they were each individual beliefs in themselves, and watch how your life changes over the course of a couple of days. Remember: whatever is presently in your consciousness/conscious mind, you’re believing. Thinking about happiness is believing about happiness!)

Your “true” identity is the silent observer “behind” the mind.

Your thoughts are actually an external, abstract observation from a point of even finer focus at the center of your perceptions – your true, conscious core.

This “silent observer” that is the true authentic you waits silently beneath a whole host of peripheral thoughts and beliefs about yourself and reality which have been grafted onto you like a false personality.

This false “personality” is the one that the majority of people mistakenly assume to be their actual identity – because society “says so” via praising and rewarding it for remaining ignorant of its “higher” or “deeper” faculties.

Some people will never make it to the realization you’re uncovering, and will mistakenly wear this false mask for their entire go around; their entire perception and basis of understanding for themselves and the reality around them being nothing more than the amalgamation of every nook and cranny that someone else has told them was true, correct, right, or “reasonable enough” to assume.

Until you come to the realization that you’re “beyond” thought – and are actually at the center of your being – you will not have the connecting mechanism nor understanding needed to create the confidence required to begin choosing the direction of your thinking.

As a consequence, you will not be able to reprogram your subconscious mind to begin creating the type of life you actually want for yourself.

You’ve now realized that you’re not just the ship, but also the captain of the ship – and now it’s time to adjust the sails and work with the wind rather than against it!


3. Begin Choosing The Direction of Your Thoughts, and Begin Directing Your Thoughts Positively

Now that our breathing is rhythmic and we’re observing reality from the center of our perception (our true core authentic self) rather than merely on the “peripheral level” of thought itself, we can begin guiding the nature of our thinking in the direction of our choosing.

Now’s the time to start “intercepting the ball” from whatever your mind and thinking are presently doing.

Observe the overall nature of your thinking from as neutral and unbiased a perspective as possible, as this will make it infinitely easier for you to establish where you’re starting from.

Most people will have unnecessarily negative perspectives of the world, and this is entirely due to thoughts they’re unconsciously harboring.

Thoughts about money, career, relationships, and everything else are programmed by society unquestionably.

These thoughts then gradually embed themselves into your subconscious mind, which is the portion of your mind responsible for manifestation.

If you doubt this process, the best thing to do is try it and verify it for yourself.

Since we’re now operating on a level of consciousness “beyond” or “behind” thought, we can “shift gears” and “flip” any and all negative thoughts that “fly by” our conscious core into positive, constructive – and (this is very, very important and crucial) – empowered thinking.

Too many books and websites place way too much focus on convincing yourself that your negative thoughts aren’t real.

All this does is program your subconscious mind ineffectively.

This is like keeping your car in neutral after being stuck in reverse for so long. Yes, it solves the issue for the time being, but you’re not moving forward.

What we want is to not only hit the gas pedal, but be in the correct gear.

This is valid from a more holistic perspective, and it’s also something that you’ll understand more and more as you become progressively more conscious of yourself.

However, for the sake of every day practicality (you want to be able to perform this exercise just about anywhere you’d ever need to recenter yourself and reconnect with your higher vibrational experience), our main concern is “transmuting” or “flipping” whatever negative thoughts and emotions arise within us into positive ones.

This serves two incredibly important purposes:

1. You begin becoming comfortable with “choosing” your own thinking in the present moment, regardless of what’s going around you in your immediate environment. This is the first step to true personal freedom; learning how to “reconnect” to your true, core self and begin “choosing” from that perspective instead of simply allowing your thinking to run your experience on autopilot.

2. You begin becoming comfortable with the more holistic understanding that ALL thoughts are valid and real, but how you choose to “infuse them” with your energy is 100% COMPLETELY AND ENTIRELY UP TO YOU!

A common negative thought (belief) such as “I’m not good enough” becomes “Why the hell am I allowing myself to default to that assumption – which clearly has no evidence to support it – when I have enough conscious momentum going that I can provide proof to myself that I’m in control by being able to stop and question this in the first place?!”

Something so common as “I’ll never have enough money to do what I really want to do with my life” becomes “I can now see how my old way of allowing my thinking to control me has kept me from being able to take action towards the causes which directly affect my ability to generate money from various sources – regardless of how disconnected they appear on the surface.”

Keep this momentum of “positivity flipping” going with any negative thoughts that pop up and challenge your true core identity. Swat them down like flies; better yet, convert them into the butterflies they truly are.

Accepting negative perceptions is the secret to being able to reclaim your power to change them into positive ones, which actually empower you to take action in the direction of your goals.


4. Immerse Yourself in This Feeling, and Connect with Your Higher Mind and Self

As you continue to build conscious momentum via transforming your present negative perceptions and thoughts into positive and empowering ones, you’ll start to notice a very obvious shift in your mood.

It’s almost as if coming to the realization that you have way more control over your reality than you presently assumed is enough to cause happiness; this is your best, most clear and confirming sign that you’re moving in the right direction with your vibe.

We’ve mentioned and discussed before the idea that following your happiness and excitement unconditionally is what leads you to yourself, and this exercise should make that blatantly obvious to you the more you practice and master it.

What you’re actually doing when you transform your negative perceptions into positive and empowering ones is you’re connecting with your true self.

Anything that feels “positive” to you in regards to moving away from the negative is actually your lower self (your mind and body) coming into “tune” or into “alignment” with your true, higher self.

All negative perceptions, thoughts, and beliefs are quite literally “false” elements which have been grafted over your true authentic self via conditioning.

Stress, anxiety, fear, and doubt are your consciousness’ way of saying “Hey! You’re using your energy wrong! You’re filtering your consciousness through the wrong beliefs and perceptions! You’re out of alignment with your true energy that makes insanely enjoyable things happen for you; you know, the one’s your supposed to be experiencing?! WAKE UP!!!”

Happiness isn’t just a temporarily elevated perception of events; it’s your natural frequency of vibration.

It’s your “default factory setting”, but you’ve been conditioned to perceive it as a randomly fleeting emotion amongst many other randomly fleeting emotions.

This natural frequency of vibration represents the “tuning to the correct channel of reality” for you as an individual portion of source consciousness.

When you maintain this vibrational state unconditionally – meaning you make a conscious effort to repeat this exercise in whatever environment is capable of “knocking you out of it” until it simply becomes habit (and remain detached from any particular outcome no matter how disconnected or unrelated things in your immediate environment “may appear” to be with said unconditional vibration) – you activate the mechanisms commonly labeled “The Law of Attraction”, and your life will begin exploding with incredibly beneficial synchronicity which will further reinforce the validity of this state of being for you.

This is the entire “point” of your individual experience: to synchronistically attract circumstances, events, and people of a “like vibe” into your reality, whereby you can then “exchange lessons” and increase and expand one another’s consciousness experience in the process.

This is all that this existence is. You don’t need a career, you don’t even need money; all of these things “come to you” as secondary expressions of the primary expression that is your vibration.


Wake Up!!!

People who ignore, marginalize, or rationalize away this information will have to take much more physical effort to secure opportunities, because they’re not using their entire consciousness experience tool kit.

This is precisely why you’ll observe some people – whom despite having incredibly impressive credentials – just can’t seem to “turn luck in their favor” in landing a job or a career in their chosen field.

Inversely, I’m quite sure you’ve also observed others who may have started off in less than optimal circumstances with a less than stellar “track record” of going “against” what our society and culture deems “acceptable and admirable” (dropping out of school, never having steady work, never having much money, etc.) all of a sudden transforming their entire reality and typically becoming very wealthy through creative work or other “non-traditional” outlets.

In fact, most self-made millionaires will attest that they spent years “failing over and over again” and “living in poverty level conditions” until a switch flips in their minds, and they started working with the information discussed in this article -whether they’re personally conscious of it or not.

The irony here is that society has people conditioned to emphasize the necessity of doing physical work in order to secure things like money and material goods, when reality will show you the exact opposite to be true if you can maintain a high vibration unconditionally.

When you convince yourself that you need to plow ahead with large amounts of physical effort and strain, you anchor into that vibration, and thus perpetuate more of the same.

It’s the vibration caused by your thoughts and attitude which determine what sort of fish you’ll be reeling in.

Those who doubt this never commit to this exercise for more than a few minutes, decide it doesn’t work, then continue on with their old vibratory signature.

Anchoring your vibe takes time, practice, and discipline – something most people will avoid like the plague.

This is why so few people actually understand how to work with the Law of Attraction, rather than against it.

When you empower your lower mind and self by choosing to transmute your negative perceptions into positively empowering ones – and begin communicating and integrating with the holistic impulses of your higher mind – you successfully integrate the two and become a complete person.

This is how you’re supposed to be experiencing this physical reality.

Think of how many people don’t understand this concept, and go through life experiencing exclusively through their lower mind and self.

Think about how many people’s lives are nothing more than the product of an unchecked subconscious mind firing off random beliefs – because the individual isn’t even aware of the existence of their subconscious mind, nor how it works or influences said experiences in the first place.

When all the tools are used correctly, you start interpreting, experiencing, and relating to reality as it ACTUALLY exists – instead of what your lower mind “takes it to be” with its minimal means for investigating “things it can’t explain”, such as synchronicity and improbably beneficial events “coming out of nowhere”.

When you’re connected to your higher self via consciously transforming negative perceptions into positively empowering ones, you’re “right where you’re supposed to be”, regardless of what the circumstances around you may indicate.



Notice how the human ego completely ignores this simple truth and instead erects things like money, governments, separation, and other completely unnecessary added “levels of complexity” to an overwhelmingly simple process.

Any arbitrary “necessities for civilization” that human beings can erect become nothing more than props on the stage of this reality.

The human ego operates on incredibly limited interpretations of reality so that it can construct its own reality in the process.

The ego is an evolutionary threat-detection device that’s assisted the human race by allowing it to dominate and evolve to its present point in history, but has now overstayed its welcome.

However, there comes a time when all training wheels must be removed, and the next level of growth must be embraced.

The child who’s been crawling must eventually learn to walk.

Likewise, the time has come for humanity to collectively become more conscious of its true nature, and it all begins on the individual level.

More people are “waking up” to this information and applying it to their lives in incredibly empowering ways with incredibly empowering results.

Your purpose isn’t to chase money and houses and cars.

Your only purpose is to consciously align yourself with your true, authentic self as experienced through accessing your highest vibrational state of happiness and excitement.

Whatever path that leads you on is an expression of your authentic self; this expression will eventually attract all of the circumstances and resources required, and then you’ll one day stop and realize you’ve “made a career” around simply being yourself.

Whatever expression results out of maintaining this vibration unconditionally is what your role on Earth at this time actually is.

Practice this exercise of raising your vibrational energy so you can begin doing so on the fly in any and all situations, allowing it to become a constant.

In doing so, you inspire others to begin empowering themselves in the same way.

Eventually your life will transform with explosions of synchronicity guiding you right to where you’re most optimally effective in humanity’s quest to increase its collective level of conscious awareness.

…And it all starts with the choice to direct the nature of your thinking right NOW!

Think and choose consciously and unconditionally from your true core self, my wonderful friends! :)


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