15 Daily Relationship Mantras to Attract Love

Are you looking for love?  Love is one of the most common things people ask me about in regards to the Law of Attraction.  After all, who doesn’t want to be in love?

In my experience I’ve found there are two major belief systems that often prevent great relationships from manifesting.   The first is believing that a good relationship is hard (or even impossible) to find.  The second is believing you’re not lovable.  For more, read: “6 Things That Prevent a Great Relationship From Manifesting.” 

So, to help combat these two relationship-repelling belief systems, I have created a few daily relationship mantras you can use to become more positively expectant about love and relationships. You will see that most of these mantras are designed to help you love yourself and to remind you that finding love is a common occurrence, rather than a rarity.

Please note, mantras or affirmations of any kind only work if they are soothing and/or they make you feel good.  Be selective about the mantras you practice and only use ones that make you feel better.

  1. I am worthy of a good relationship.
  2. People find love all of the time.
  3. Humans are biologically wired to fall in love.
  4. I know many people who have fallen in love.
  5. There are lots of people out there who would be perfect for me.
  6. I have many lovable traits.
  7. If anyone deserves to find love, it’s me.
  8. I can believe that I am lovable.
  9. There are many people in the world I would like to date.
  10. I can believe that a great relationship is possible for me.
  11. Someone would be attracted to me because ____________ (fill in the blank with your most admirable qualities).
  12. I love myself because____________(fill in the blank with the things you love most about yourself).
  13. I’ve felt loved before by ____________ (fill in the blank with your most loving relationships, be them romantic, platonic, from a family member or a pet).
  14. I would make a wonderful girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband because____________(fill in the reasons why you would make a good girlfriend or boyfriend).
  15. I’ve met many people who have found great relationships including ____________, ____________ and____________ (fill in the blank with the names of friends, family members or acquaintances you’ve met who have great relationships).

Spend a few minutes every day with these mantras.  Say them out loud in front of the mirror or write them down in a journal.  With frequent repetition, these mantras will become personal beliefs, and once they are beliefs, love will become much easier to attract.

I’m excited for you to find the love you are looking for!  If you have any stories about how you or someone you know has manifested love with the Law of Attraction, comment below and share them.  I’d love hear them.

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