(VIDEO) The Rice Consciousness Experiment: Words Matter

This 4 minute video on “The Rice Consciousness Experiment” was inspired by a famous study on consciousness and the power of our words by Dr. Masaru Emoto.  In 1994, Dr. Emoto performed a groundbreaking experiment where he exposed water to different words and pieces of music.  He then froze the water, and finally photographed the ice crystals that were formed.

What Dr. Emoto found was that water exposed to positive and loving words created beautiful ice crystals.  Water, however, that was exposed to negative or mean-spirited words froze into misshapen and malformed crystals.

The implication from this experiment is that our words have a strong vibrational effect on where we direct them.  Based on the results of this study, it stands to reason that the recipient of our love and kind words will flourish beautifully.  The recipient of our hate and negative attention, however, will deteriorate and suffer.

A few years ago, YouTuber John Vincent set out to replicate this experiment, using rice rather than water.  He called it the “Rice Consciousness Experiment.” The effects are truly remarkable! 

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I realize from where we stand it’s hard to tell for “sure” if this experiment really did work out the way it was shown.  So if you are skeptical (or just curious!), why not practice this idea at home? You could try this experiment out with your own rice, or use it on your plants, or even try it out on yourself.

What do you think about this rice consciousness experiment?  How do you think we can use this information to create a better world? 

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