5 Reasons Why Rushing Around Is Always a Waste of Time

If you’re like most of us, you have a pretty stacked schedule of things to do every day.  Many of us want to have a clean house, be properly groomed, get to work or school on time, be sure to call our parents or kids, keep an active social life, get some exercise, make dinner and run all of our errands-sometimes all in the same day!  Because we have so many things we want to accomplish it’s only natural that some of us will feel compelled to try to rush a little faster to get everything done.  However, rushing around is always a waste of time.  Here’s why:

1. When you rush, the Law of Attraction brings you more things to rush through.

With the Law of Attraction we create what we project into the universe.  When we are projecting a need to rush from one thing to the next we actually attract more things to rush through and be anxious about.  Rushing can become a vicious, everyday cycle.

Slow down and move at a comfortable speed and the universe will offer you a pace that is naturally more manageable.  Try it, it works!

2. Rushing around creates anxiety and racing thoughts.

Rushing around from one activity to another is a guaranteed way to ensure you will encounter more racing thoughts and anxiety.  The more we rush around, the more we worry about getting things done on time and the more we stress about interruptions, mistakes and problems.

To reduce anxiety and stress, it’s better to move a bit more deliberately and stop to relax when we are feeling overwhelmed.  Moving at a more comfortable speed can greatly reduce nervousness and agitation.

3.  The faster you rush, the more problems you will attract.

As I just mentioned above, when we rush we tend to get more frustrated and upset.  This, in turn, causes more mistakes and mishaps.  Again, with the Law of Attraction, we attract what we project.  If we are projecting frustration in order to get where we are going faster, we will attract other things that are frustrating to us, including problems that set us back.

Though we rush with the intention of getting things done faster, rushing can actually greatly increase the amount of time we spend on our tasks.  The delays, mistakes and mishaps we attract with our frustration can actually slow us down in the long run.

4. When you rush, you don’t enjoy the sensation of going with the flow.

When we race around from one activity to the next we miss the whole journey, and that’s a real shame! 

For example, have you ever missed a big chunk of a vacation just because you were rushing around to get where you were going? Sometimes this happens because we race to get packed, get everyone in the car, drive to the airport and get on the plane.  When this happens, we stress out throughout the entire process of traveling and we aren’t able to relax until we finally arrive at our hotel room or other final destination. 

Wouldn’t it be more fun to go with the flow and enjoy the process of getting where we are going? Wouldn’t it be nicer to casually pack our suitcases, enjoy the scenery on the drive and take a few minutes to people watch at the airport?  The journey, after all, is what traveling’s all about! 

5. There will always be more to do!

When you really break it down and think about it-what’s the rush?  There will always be somewhere else to go, something else to do and someone else to meet.  Rushing to finish one task only gets you on to the next sooner.  Why bother racing through one task just to get frustrated and rush through the next one? 

So, if you’re the type of person who tends to race around from one activity to the next, please consider slowing down a bit and taking it easy.  Believe it or not, everything can still get done at a”slower” pace.  When we are calm and centered we go with the flow, we attract the things we need to complete our tasks and we avoid the unnecessary setbacks and frustrations caused by rushing around.

Remember, rushing around is always waste of time.  Instead stay calm, find your inner peace and move steadily throughout your day.  Life will be easier, and (more importantly) more enjoyable! 

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  • omar
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    do you have a book publish with all your daily blogs i get email? would love to buy it

  • Andrea Schulman
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    Hi Omar! I do not as of yet but that is actually something I had been thinking about doing. Thank you for your comment because it is a great affirmation for me to move in that direction. I do wish I had one for you now though! 🙂 -Andrea

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