We’d all like to have more peace and harmony in our homes, our jobs and our communities.  However, while it’s easy to point our fingers at what’s going wrong in the world, focusing on the problems doesn’t make them go away. To make things better, it’s really up to us to spread love and light if we want a positive transformation.  As Gandhi famously said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

In an effort to “be the change,” here are 12 easy things we can do to spread love and light into the world on a daily basis.   Every action we make has a butterfly effect out into the universe. Small, kind actions can actually produce massive, positive results.  If each of us made a conscious effort to try to make the world a more pleasant place, imagine how much more peaceful this life would be for everyone! 

1. Address people by their names:

People love to feel recognized, and hearing their name makes them feel good! Try to include people’s names when you address them in public, in emails and on social media.

2. Send funny texts:

Take a moment out of your day to send something funny to a friend or relative.  Maybe share a funny joke, or send a meme that had you cracking up.  Spread laughter, even when you aren’t around!

3. Share good pictures of others:

If you have a picture of a friend or relative that came out really well, share it! Send it via text message, or even print it out to give to them.   We all love to see ourselves looking our best.

4. Give sincere compliments:

When talking to people, look for at least one thing that you can offer a sincere compliment about! Perhaps you like the person’s sweater, or you really appreciated something they did for you in the past.  Let people know what you like about them. It will not only make them feel great, but it will raise your vibration as well.

5. Give hugs to spread love and light:

At least in American society, hugs are a socially acceptable way to greet people, say goodbye and offer support.  Spread love and light with daily hugs!

6. Give kisses to show affection:

Some kissing might (obviously) be awkward, but there’s no shame in kissing your partner, your children or even your pets! Affection is a high vibrational action.

7. Platonic touching:

People that you are close with and who trust you will often appreciate a pat on the back, or a quick squeeze on the arm. Don’t use this one too liberally, because some people might find it intrusive, but used sparingly it can be an appreciated gesture.

8. Tell jokes:

Spread around funny jokes and stories that you’ve heard.  So long as they aren’t bigoted or unkind, jokes can do a lot to uplift others.  Laughter, after all, is the best medicine.

9. Spread kind-hearted gossip:

So many of our conversations revolve around mean-spirited gossip.  Although many of us love to talk about others when they aren’t around, this doesn’t mean that the conversation has to be negative!

When talking about others, find some kind gossip to spread around.  Mention something they did well, or an achievement they’ve accomplished.  Spreading around kind gossip is a great way to get people to look at the positive in others! It’s also the only kind of gossip that no one minds hearing about when it get back to them!

10. Use social media to post inspiring and uplifting items:

So many things that are posted onto social media come from a disconnected and unfavorable place.  Doing our part to post things that spread kindness (like cute pictures, motivational quotes, or good stories about our day) can help raise the vibration of a social media news feed.

11. Offer assistance for good karma:

Give your seat on the bus to the mom struggling with her young children or help the elderly woman who is having a hard time finding what she needs at the grocery store.  Take a moment to assist the people around you who look like they need a little help.  It’s good karma, and this kindness will come back around to you ten-fold.

12. Use manners:

In many ways, good manners have become less and less prioritized in today’s world, but people still appreciate being treated with kindness and respect.  Make an effort to use good manners when dealing with others.  A simple “please” or “thank you” can go a long way.

As you can see, there are many small, easy ways that we can spread love and light. By making a daily, conscious effort to offer kindness to the world, we do our part to create a reality that is happier and more peaceful for everyone.

We live in a universe built, in part, on the principle of karma, and what we do in this life comes back around to us.  If you can spread love and light to others, it will ripple out into the universe and ultimately bring more love and light back to you.

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