Stay Open to the Possibilities  (& Attract Your Dreams Faster!)

If we are narrow-minded about how the Law of Attraction will deliver our dreams, it can be substantially harder for us to manifest them.   For maximum results in creating the things we want, it’s best that we stay open to the possibilities.

For example, let’s say I want to manifest my dream car.  I’ve pictured it in my mind, I’ve been keeping positive thoughts about it and I’ve been working to raise my vibration.  However, at the same time, I’ve also firmly decided I will have to purchase this car from a dealership in order to get it.

Now, though purchasing a car from a dealership may be the way I see most people get their cars, it is actually only one way that the car may come to me.  There may be another easier, faster route for this car to come to me than through the dealer. 

Perhaps I might win my dream car in a giveaway.  Perhaps I might find the car at an auction for an outrageously low price.  Perhaps someone will simply give me the car.  There are many other ways my dream car might make its way to me. 

Unfortunately, because I’ve already decided I must get my car through the dealer, those other routes will be closed to me.  With the Law of Attraction, I get what I believe, so if I believe I must purchase my car at a dealer, that is the way my dream will have to unfold.

Now, I’m not just waiting for the dream car, but I’m also waiting for the right dealership to have my car in stock.  I’m waiting to get the money to pay for the car.  I might also be waiting for the right credit score to be able to qualify for the payments.   And I’m waiting for all of these things to align at the same time.

I’ve set my requirements pretty high on my dream.  And why?  All I really care about is getting the car.  Why throw all of these other unnecessary details into the equation?   

One thing to realize about the Law of Attraction is that it doesn’t have to be our job to decide how our dreams will manifest.  From the perspective we have here in the physical reality, we are unable to see all of the moving parts that are involved in creation.  However, the universe has a broader perspective than we do, and it can see obstacles, opportunities and loopholes we are blind to. 

Therefore, we really aren’t equipped to decide the ideal way for our wishes to manifest. Instead, it’s best for us to simply decide what we want, and then trust that the universe can deliver it.  The universe will align our dreams in the fastest and most beneficial way possible, if we allow it to.

So, the next time you put a desire out into the universe, see if you can stay open to the possibilities.  Remember that anything can happen, and that the things you want can come to you in many different ways (including ways you’ve never before considered!).

Happy Manifesting,


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