Inspired action is critical to creating the life that you want.  In taking inspired action, we are following our inner guidance and intuition and moving in the direction of our dreams.  We do the things that the universe guides us to do, rather than forcing ourselves to do the things we “think” we are supposed to do.  Unfortunately, in our society, inspired action really isn’t taught or encouraged.

Think about it, most of us live highly scheduled lives.  Many of us get up each morning, forced out of bed with an alarm clock, rather than waking at the time that comes naturally to us.  We go to work at a specific time, regardless of whether or not we are inspired to work.  We schedule our dates, our workouts, our kid’s baseball games and many of our meals.  While this may seem necessary in today’s world, forcing oneself into a routine is not taking inspired action.

It might be a bit too challenging to make all of one’s actions inspired actions.  Society is simply too “scheduled” right now.  However, we can choose to start taking more inspired actions in our life. Every little bit helps.

Here are a few ideas on how to take more inspired action in your life.  As you become more comfortable with taking inspired action, you will find it becomes a more natural process for you.  You will make more and more decisions based on your inner guidance, and this will cause you to move through life by “going with the flow” rather than by forcing things to go according to your schedule (which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety).

Taking Inspired Action Tip #1: Complete the day’s tasks in the most appealing sequence

Perhaps you have three chores you want to get done today.  You want to mow the lawn, you want to do your laundry and you want to go grocery shopping.  Instead of doing each activity in the same sequence week after week (which many of us do), ask yourself when you wake up-which one do you feel like doing first? 

If you do the task that feels the most appealing first, rather than forcing yourself to do your tasks in an order you prearranged in the past, you will be much more in harmony with the universe.  You will be more likely to get to the grocery store when the lines are short, and you are much more likely to mow the lawn when you are feeling physically strong and the weather is pleasant.  

You don’t have to completely eliminate your schedule, but allow for a little more flexibility inside of it.  No matter what your list of “chores” or “tasks” for the day, start with the one that seems most appealing, then repeat the process with the rest of the items on your list.

Taking Inspired Action Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to say “yes” 

Perhaps you decided yesterday that today you were going to go to the gym in the afternoon, but today the weather is just so beautiful and you really feel called to be outside.  Listen to that tug, and adjust your plans.  Take your workout outside, or just take the day off to be in nature.  Be willing to deviate from your schedule periodically to do the things that are really speaking to you in the moment.

When you find yourself longing to go out to a specific restaurant, head to the beach or call a friend, if you are able to stop what you are doing, stop! Do what the universe is calling you to do.  To go with the flow, you must go where you are pulled.

Taking Inspired Action Tip #3 : Take the hint

Have you ever suddenly had something pop into your head that you were supposed to do? For example, out of nowhere, remembering that you had to send in your taxes, call your mom, or pay your electric bill?  These sudden reminders are the universe’s way of telling you “now is the time!” 

Whenever you get quick reminders, stop what you are doing and attend to the task you have been reminded of.  Resist the urge to put this task on the back burner, because the universe is trying to alert you that now is the very best time to do it.  There is some benefit to doing the task right this minute that you will miss out on if you wait.

Listen to these “internal reminders.”  They are there to help you! 

Remember, the schedules that we have created for ourselves can often prevent us from going with the flow.  Taking inspired action is a great way to follow your inner guidance, and it’s something that you can do more of gradually.

Start to unwind yourself from your routine just a little, wherever you feel comfortable.  With practice, taking inspired action will become easier and more habitual for you.  You will feel more relaxed, you will have more “happy accidents,” and everything will still get done.  When we trust in the universe to direct us where we want to go, we will get there faster, and on a much more pleasant path.

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