The Importance of Spending Time With Positive People

How you feel entirely hinges on the choices that you are making throughout the day.  One choice that you can make to improve how you feel is to spend time with positive people.  Positive people improve your feelings and emotions because of how energy is transmitted through the universe.

Energy is everything.  It is the only thing that truly exists in the universe. As human beings we are composed of matter, which is composed of cells, which is composed of atoms, which are composed of energy particles.

Though we are all made from energy, the frequency of that energy varies from person to person, cell to cell, atom to atom, and particle to particle.  The energy that flows through our bodies and our world can be moving at a very high vibrational frequency (which can feel joyful or loving) or at a very low vibrational frequency (which can feel sad or depressing).

It is entirely possible for you to ensure that your energy vibration is running high most of the time.  That being said, you may find that this is easier to do when you are around uplifting people.  This is why the quality of people you surround yourself with is so important.

Making a conscious decision to spend more time with people who are uplifting and compassionate is a great decision to make.  Being around positive people makes it easier for you to improve your vibration, because vibration is contagious.

Think about it, have you ever been around someone who’s laughter caused you to laugh? Who’s smile made you smile? Who’s compassion inspired you to be a little nicer?

Like attracts like in this world, so if you can find a way to be in the presence of people with a higher vibration, some of that will inevitably rub off on you.

So take stock of the company that you keep.  Look through your connections for that friend who’s always smiling, the aunt who gives big hugs and the coworker who makes you laugh.

Make a conscious effort to spend a little more time with the positive people in your life. Your vibration will rise as a result, your quality of life will improve, and you will feel good.  Spending time with positive people pays off!

As a final note, please don’t think that you have to “ditch” all of the negative people in your life because of this phenomena.  The beauty of vibration is that it builds on itself.

The higher you can build your vibration, the more positive people you will attract and the more positive feelings you will begin to project.  The negative people in your life will then be more likely to catch your high vibrations from you in the same way that you caught them from others.

Simply make a small conscious effort to be around happier, kinder people more often and your vibration will gradually accelerate, turning you into one of those people who radiates joy and love to others.

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Photo Credit: Untitled by Joris Louwes.  Some Rights Reserved

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