Are You Taking the Path of Least Resistance? 4 Questions

When we move on the path of least resistance, we open ourselves up to greater abundance and easier manifestation.  This is why we all know people who just “have all the luck” and seem to magically get what they want out of life without having to try too hard.  People who float along the path of least resistance simply allow their dreams to be brought to them.  When they have a goal they usually stay relaxed about how they are going to achieve it.

Getting on the path to least resistance can be a little tricky for some of us, and this is because many of us believe that we have to figure out the way to our goals.  We think it is our job to identify every step and obstacle up front so we can be “prepared.”  We want to anticipate the traffic, the expenses or how other people are going to react.

However, this is a flawed strategy because we simply are not equipped to see the easiest and fastest route to where we want to go. The truth is, there could be an infinite number of problems and opportunities on the way to our goals that are simply unimaginable from where we stand.  So when we try to figure out the exact path we waste a lot of time and energy because we focus on a lot of things that might end up being completely irrelevant.

For example, perhaps we really want to get a promotion.  So, instead of just putting our wish out there and going with the flow we decide to show up to work earlier, work harder and cozy up to the boss.  We do these things because we believe they’ve worked for others before, and we assume this is the best path to promotion. 

Unfortunately, however, the easiest path to promotion is unknown.  Maybe there’s an unposted position that’s coming available, but you’ll hear about it while you’re out at a party.  Maybe you’ll impress the right person while having a laugh over lunch.  Maybe your boss has a “work smart not hard” philosophy and taking on more work simply doesn’t impress him or her. The best path for you is very likely down a road you haven’t even imagined.

Getting on the path of least resistance requires that we relax and hand over control to the universe. It requires us to understand that forcing things into place is a waste of time and it is more effective to let the universe take care of the planning. Though our vision and understanding is limited to where we stand, the universe has infinite vision and can see every possible obstacle and opportunity.  It is a much better captain for the ship.

So are you taking the path of least resistance?  Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself to determine if you are relaxed and on the path of least resistance or if you are holding on a little too tight.

The Path of Least Resistance: Quick Questions

1. Is it ok if your schedule changes throughout the day, or do you hold fast to your original plans?

2. When you are interrupted or cut off by people or events (like getting stuck in slow traffic) do you deal with the interruption calmly (without getting stressed out) or do you get mad?

3. When thinking about your goal, do you focus mostly on what you can do in the here and now or are you mostly thinking five steps head?

4. Would you generally say that you are relaxed and believe everything will work out for you, or are you more of a chronic worrier?

If you said “yes” more to the first part of each question, you likely spend a lot of time on the path of least resistance.  If, however you said “yes” mostly to the second part of each question, you are probably working too damn hard to reach your goals!

So, what do you do if you want to spend more time on the path of least resistance?  The key is to spend more time in the present moment.

When we find ourselves thinking too many steps ahead or worrying about things that haven’t yet come to pass, we are spending too much time in the future, rather than the present.  This is an indication that we are trying to figure out the route we need to get on, rather than allowing the universe to put us on the path.

The thing about the path of least resistance is that it is always unfolding now, and it can only be seen in the present.  So taking a deep breath and allowing your awareness to come back to the present moment is a great way to direct yourself back onto the path.

While awareness and deep breathing are great things to do to get back on the path of least resistance,  for many of us, forward thinking is so engrained that it has become a hard habit to break.  For this reason, if you find that staying in the present moment is a challenge, it’s also a great idea to add meditation into your daily routine.

Meditation is highly advised for those of us who are a little stressed out and work too hard because it helps to train our minds back into the present moment.  Often we have become so inundated with anxious thoughts that we have become lost in our own minds and unable to focus on the here and now.  Daily meditation is great “brain training” to help clear the clutter and relearn how to focus our attention into the now.

For a few alternative mediation practices to try out, feel free to check out this page on my website.

Work on placing your awareness back in the here and now to guide yourself onto the path of least resistance.  By trusting in the universe’s ability to show you the way you will waste less effort, encounter less frustration and get where you want to go quicker.   Instead of swimming against the current to reach your dreams,  surrendering to the present moment will allow the universe to carry you downstream.

Do you believe you have the power to make your dreams come true?

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