The Pathology Of Power

“The Pathology Of Power” was written and recorded by guest contributor, Samuel Kronen.

We move through life according to the arrangement of our particular neural passages, the specific pathways of our perception. We progress through the world (or digress) according to our respective pathologies, the various patterns of our thoughts and the momentum of our viewpoints.

This being the case, one might assume we have little say in the trajectory of our lives. This would be a misconception, for it is only in recognizing the reality that we are driven foremostly by pathology, by the systems and sequences of our mental states, that we might come to truly enhance the quality of our perception and deeply improve the manners in which we navigate through the world
What we want is to elicit a pathology of power, success, and self-mastery, one that enables the ‘higher’ qualities of human existence, i.e. fulfillment, compassion, curiosity, performance, etc.

The first step is that of recognizing the truth of our current state, coming to understand our psychological underpinnings and subconscious motivations. Before we can rightly impact our pathology we must first acknowledge and comprehend our prevailing pathology in the present.

How do we do this?

Well, it is entirely necessary that we engage in the practice of self-observation in order to fully grasp where we are at psychologically, in order to assimilate the undercurrents of our psyche.

Self-Observation is a meditative technique wherein we bring the entirety of our awareness to the fluctuations of our thoughts so as to elicit a deeper understanding of our disposition and latent propensities.

This is merely a matter of watching your own mind, attending to your own internal movements, and when we do this we shine the light of our consciousness upon that which was previously unconscious. To become conscious of our particular pathologies is to open the door to the possibility of rightly influencing and advancing them.

What’s next?

Once we have come to be deeply aware of our state, cognizant of our underlying impulses, we then invariably move towards higher frequency pathologies, inexorably come upon higher degrees of agency and instrumentality.

Now that this quality of awareness has been instilled, this sense of being aligned with the deeper forces that play upon our consciousness, we then are gifted with the superpower of choice, the capacity to navigate through the world according to our most heartfelt desires. In other words, to be aware of the nature of one’s pathology is to be as close to having free will as one can possibly discern.

The capacity to choose, to skillfully meet the present moment, is integral to the reassessing of our pathologies. Here we can rightly influence the pathways of our perception, which can existentially materialize in a number of ways. We become predisposed to engaging in activities of nuance and spiritual enrichment, more prone to immersing oneself in endeavors that expand one’s consciousness i.e. meditation, reading, art, free dialogue, etc.

Use the pathology of power to your advantage.

To contain the ability to employ one’s inherent free will, which is to say the capacity to act out of one’s deepest passions and interests, is to engender a pathology of power. Herein we are guided through life by our most creative and profitable instincts, those which implore us to act as conduits of virtue and grace.

So, it begins with the observing of oneself, and from there transmutes into the optimizing of our inner propensities. To know oneself, in the deepest sense, is to inevitably induce higher qualities of activity and movement. The higher the degree of awareness we contain, then the more powerful the manner in which we live comes to be. Greater awareness equals greater power, and if we might come to acknowledge this fully then we open ourselves to the pathologizing of power and the meeting of our greatest potential.


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About the Author: Samuel Kronen is a young writer, spiritual entrepreneur, and warrior of the soul whose life work is comprised of the pursuing of higher consciousness and the propagating of love and compassion on a collective level. You can also reach him directly via at sjkronen @ gmail (dot) com. You can also check out his YouTube channel here.

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