The Year of Light (2015) is Coming to a Close…

By guest contributor, Jennifer Nguyen

“It takes a single candle to light up the whole room”

Happy Feng Shui Friday! Did you know that the United Nations named 2015 “The Year of Light”? Do you think we’ve lived up to the title?

There is a lot of hurt and suffering happening around our world right now. It is impossible to escape media coverage that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and hopeless for change. Many great teachers have taught us that in these dark times we must shine and amplify our own light to transform the darkness.

We all have a light; the more conscious we are in the moment, and the deeper we breathe, the brighter we glow.

In light of the new age era the Universe seems to be in full “Feng Shui mode” as it brings together a powerful team of visionaries with an insight into the Universal higher laws of life. These healers and educators are on a mission to help humanity vibrate at a higher level. Here are a few ways you can commit to uplifting our planet…

Light Chaser~

The sun is the physical manifestation of light, when exposed to the sun’s bright light the production of serotonin rises promoting feelings of happiness.

If you follow me on social media you’ve witnessed me often chasing the sunrise or catching it set to absorb and attempt to capture and share it’s tremendous amount of chi.

Feng Shui teaches that surrounding ourselves with good quality light and absorbing different frequencies of light improve our overall health. Inside our home and offices switching to LED and Full Spectrum Lighting can enhance mental clarity, energy levels and productivity.

Light Worker~

To fuel the light we posses reciprocity is key, the things that nourish you, nourish others. Share your broken heart, colorful past and vulnerable truth allowing yourself to be loved for who you really are.

As you continue to expand and ignite do your part to help others who don’t yet shine as bright. Externalizing your gifts and sharing your light will give others permission to do the same and help you reach your fullest potential.

We have all been put on this Earth to be a source of Love to the planet and others. What is your life’s mission? You have the power to change the world❤

Be the Light~

Social media has become an extremely powerful tool in spreading a message; use your platform to elevate others! I find a lot of great inspiration and motivational post online that have improved my life and I enjoy sharing the things that “Light me up.”

In Feng Shui it is learned that clutter is connected to negative energy. Take some time to “declutter” your newsfeed to filter out negative post that breed fear or encourage an unhealthy lifestyle. Reach out to those who are special to you and let them know by sending a thoughtful message or positive post. Connect with others who want to come together to illuminate our world and help guide our culture.

A group of like-minded friends joining together to send blessings and healing energy to people and places in need creates a powerful ripple of good vibes!

As the Year of Light comes to a close, take this time to shine a little more light on the world.



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Jennifer Nguyen
Jennifer Nguyen practicing yoga on the beach near Cocoa, Florida.

About Jennifer Nguyen: As a licensed stylist and wellness enthusiast of over a decade I’ve always had a passion for being physically active and exposing the light in others.

In 2010 I was chosen to attend the Michael Coles Step Up summit where my spirit was awoken to chase my dreams of becoming an educator and motivator! My successful career in the salon industry has lent itself to my most recent journey of earning a college degree; this fall I will graduate with an Associates of Arts degree from EFSC and have been accepted into my bachelors program at the University of Central Florida.

I have kept my deep love for movement alive over the years; In 2013 I was a performer for international DJ Chan Ji Kim in Sound and Space and more recently as a yoga guide at both Peace Place Counseling & Wellness and the Yoga Surf School.

These days when I’m not playing on my mat or balancing my duties as a domestic goddess I can be found in my back yard garden, and chasing the Florida sun.   

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  • Kathy Joyce
    Posted November 26, 2015 7:25 am 0Likes

    Thank you for this lovely post Andrea. Yes it is impossible to escape all the negative things that are going on in the world right now, but if we all send out loving vibes into the universe I’m sure it will help:)

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted November 26, 2015 11:23 am 0Likes

    Thank you Kathy! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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