Reality & The Law of Attraction: Time and Space Are Illusions

In this article I will make a few short arguments for the idea that time and space are illusions.  These arguments suggest that each of us manipulates time and space with our thoughts and perspectives.

This article might be mind-bending for some, but I believe this information can actually be very helpful for people who are trying to create their realities with the Law of Attraction.  You may find it easier to intentionally create your reality if you have evidence that time and space are just illusions.  It might make the idea of manifestation more believable, and believing is critical!

Before moving forward, take a moment to consider what it would mean if you were able to manipulate all of time and space.  You might start to view your life as a kind of lucid dream, created (and controlled) by your mind.

Here is some evidence to support the idea that time and space are illusions:

1. Your mood affects how you experience time

This is something you have probably experienced personally.  Sometimes, time passes very quickly, and others very, very slowly.

For example, in moments when you feel you are in danger, you will experience the effect of time slowing down, giving you extra moments to think about your options.  Suddenly, life is moving in slow motion, allowing you greater “time” to react properly.

Likewise, when you are bored, time seems to stand still.

In contrast, when you are having fun and “going with the flow,” time moves very quickly.

Our emotional states dictate how we experience time.  This supports the idea that time is an illusion.  If we are able to manipulate the speed of time with our emotions, then time must be flexible-not fixed, or accurate.

This may explain why manifesting the things we want with the Law of Attraction might take very little time, or might take a while.  How long we must wait to get the things we want varies from desire to desire because of the emotions we are projecting.

When we are happy and excited, the time it takes to get what we want zips by.  However, when we are feeling negative, time drags.  Emotion changes time.

2. The Double-Slit Experiment: An object’s position in space depends on you

Quantum physicists have found some pretty weird stuff out about the nature of reality.  If you take an object and break it down into its smallest parts, these tiny particles (subatomic particles) behave in very strange ways.

As demonstrated in the famous Double-Slit Experiment, subatomic particles change how they behave based on whether or not they are being observed, or watched.  This means you and I (as observers), may be responsible for how every piece of matter is behaving around us.  The particles that make up a chair, or a house, or even another person might behave differently if we aren’t watching them.

This finding is great support for the Law of Attraction, and the idea that our attention creates the things in our realities.  It implies our consciousness and awareness might be responsible for the way objects are arranged in space.

Check out this clip from the film “What the Bleep do We Know?! for a quick, animated explanation of the Double-Slit Experiment.

If this article doesn’t load, check out this link.

3. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity: Time and space depend on your perspective

Albert Einstein’s famous theory proposes we interpret time and space differently depending on our perspectives. He showed that time and space are “relative” and explained how they can be viewed differently by each of us.

Just as the Double-Slit experiment suggests that the observer determines how objects behave, Einstein’s theory of relativity also suggests that time and space are dependent on the individual.  Check out this animated, easy-to-understand video on Einstein’s theory of relativity for more:

Video by Eugene Khutoryansky. If this video doesn’t load, please check out this link

4. Synchronicity: Unbelievable timing

Synchronicity also supports the idea that time and space are illusions.  Synchronicities occur when we experience unlikely coincidences.

As a personal example, recently I was having a conversation while sitting in front of the television. Somehow, the subject of hair plugs came up (I know, I know..don’t ask).  Immediately, the actor in the television show playing in the background used the word “hair plugs,” as if on cue.

Events like these happen to many of us very often, despite the fact they are almost unbelievable.

Synchronicity is strong evidence that time and space may be manipulated by our thoughts. Why else would unlikely coincidences simply appear on a regular basis?

If you’d like to read more about synchronicities, check out my article: Are You Experiencing Synchronicity?

So what does this all mean? Though I’m no scientist, the support I have complied here suggests what many of us have heard before: time and space are illusions.

This is a very liberating idea.  If time and space are illusions of our perspectives, we are indeed very powerful creators.  If time and space are illusions, not only do we have the power to use the Law of Attraction to create the things we want, but our entire awareness of the universe might simply be a reflection our consciousness.

I realize this article is a little more “in depth” than my usual work! I hope you enjoyed it.  If you have thoughts on this subject, I’d love to hear them.  Comment below and let me know!

All the best,


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  • Biljana
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    thank you!!! great article!

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    Thanks Biljana! I appreciate that 🙂 -Andrea

  • Bobby clarke
    Posted July 6, 2015 10:55 pm 0Likes

    WOW! Amazing article. You know we’ve all always heard time is an illusion, but this article really like opened my eyes to just how so. Thanks a lot!

  • Andrea Schulman
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    Thanks Bobby-I’m glad that you found this information useful! All the best, Andrea 🙂

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    Once was found, a snazzy .925 silver mini Bic lighter case with my name engraved on the bottom;
    More recently, pondering the last time I have come across found cash?.I came across $10.00 the following mornin’!
    How I appreciate moments of savourI
    Also, I’ve been winning small things like gift cerificates and, “Woohoo””winning thr’u games of scratchI
    I’m enjoying my reintro to working with law and becoming the change I have sought, but in the while, had too, forgot!


  • Andrea Schulman
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    Hi Craig! Sometimes the small things are the best to get 🙂 They are nice, fun indications you are on the right track. All the best, Andrea

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