18 Ways Money Can Come to You (Besides Your Job!)

One of the reasons many people struggle to make wealth come to them with the Law of Attraction is that they have a very narrow perspective on how the money will arrive.  Although there are actually many ways money can come to you, people often believe that in order to receive income, they must earn it at their jobs.

The problem with this belief is that it limits the flow of money into our lives.  If we believe that our wealth is entirely a direct representation of our job, then we will only ever receive as much income as we expect our job will pay.  However, if we start to see that money can flow through many channels (a job just being one of them), we open ourselves up to a greater acknowledgement of our prosperity, and this naturally attracts more money to us.

Here are 18 ways money can come to you, besides your job. Whenever these happen to you, take note that you have just attracted more wealth into your experience with the Law of Attraction!

1. Finding/receiving great coupons

2. Finding money on the ground, or other random places

3. Unexpected refund checks

4. Unexpected insurance claims

5. Grants or scholarships

6. Gifts from others

7. Investments turning out better than expected (401ks, stock options, etc)

8. Finding valuables/collectables

9. Finding the things that you want or need marked down or on clearance

10. Selling or buying your home at the right time

11. People treating you to dinner, lunch, drinks, etc.

12. Inheritances (even possibly unexpected ones)

13. Side or freelance work

14. Changes in laws or rules that lower your taxes or expenses 

15. Tax refund checks

16. Selling items on Ebay, Craigslist or at a garage/yard sale.

17. Having a valuable idea that someone buys from you.

18. Winning a raffle/lottery/game show

Chances are, you’ve experienced money flowing to you in a few of these ways.  Part of the path of adjusting one’s “wealth mindset” is becoming more aware and appreciative of financial streams like these.  Keep your eyes peeled for evidence that money comes to you in more ways than just through your job to increase your financial prosperity!

Are there any other ways that money has come to you? Comment below and let us know!

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