7 Simple Ways to Feel Powerful (Even When You Lack Confidence!)

Need a shot of confidence before your head out to an interview, call a client or ask someone out a date?  As we all know, confidence is key to success!  When we feel powerful, we are more successful in all endeavors.

While confidence comes naturally for some people, for others it is a less-than-usual state of being.  However, even if you currently lack confidence there are some tricks that anyone can use that can inspire confidence.  Here are a few:

1. Remind yourself of your finer qualities:

Poor self-esteem often occurs when we beat up on ourselves for all of the things we dislike about ourselves.  Create a daily routine whereby you list out all of the things you like about yourself in order to focus more deeply on what makes you proud to be you.

2. Use powerful body language: 

Hold your head up high and stand tall.   Avoid crossing your arms and legs and instead allow your body to open up and take up space.  Confidence people display this type of body language, and by using this body language ourselves, we can trick ourselves into feeling more powerful. Try this out next time you are walking in a crowd, and see how much more confident you feel!

3. Project your voice:

Allow yourself to speak a little louder, and with more bass in your voice.  Speak from the bottom of your chest and project your voice a bit.  As with the body language, we can fake it till we make it by using a “confident voice.”

4. Practice yoga, tai chi, martial arts, or any exercise that fosters a mind-body-spirit connection:    

Exercises like these strengthen the body and the mind simultaneously, and can have a profound effect on how physically (and mentally) powerful we feel.

5. Take a few risks: 

Confident people are willing to take risks and go after the things they want in life.  To be a more confident people, we must first act as if we are confident, so why not take a few more chances?   Start with small risks (perhaps like talking to someone new, or trying out a new hairstyle) then move to more challenging risks when you feel ready.  When we take small risks we have the opportunity to learn that we can put ourselves out there a little more and things will still be ok!

6. Listen to empowering music: 

There’s a reason why you hear motivating music at football games and other athletic events- it makes the athletes feel powerful!  Find some songs that make you feel powerful and listen to them whenever you need a quick shot of confidence.

7. Watch inspiring shows and movies: 

Like songs, movies and shows can also inspire confidence and motivation.  Select a program about someone who has achieved great things in life, or a story about underdogs or superheroes.

By immersing ourselves in confidence-inspiring behaviors along with motivating music and entertainment, we create a more powerful sense of self, and this helps us evolve into more confident people.  Even if we are not “naturally” confident, we can become confident through our actions and choices.

So, the next time you want to feel powerful, try out a few of these tricks.  They really work!

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