10 Ways to Have More Fun With the Law of Attraction

Although many people  who know about the Law of Attraction try to use it to gain specific, tangible things (like cars, homes, and lottery winnings), it can also be used to attract intangible things, like emotions and feelings.  One such thing you can manifest with the Law of Attraction is the ability to have more fun, and fortunately this is usually a lot easier for people to manifest than the physical items.

Though it might seem challenging to get into the vibration of some of the things on your wish list (like your dream job or a winning lottery ticket), getting into the vibration of fun is usually pretty easy for a couple of reasons.  The first being that having fun is a fairly general emotion, and it is one we have a lot of practice in achieving.   While we might not know what it feels like to have our dream job, we do know what it feels like to have fun, so it’s easy for us to project that feeling out into the universe to attract more fun to us.

The other reason that fun is fairly easy to achieve is that most of us don’t have a lot of limiting beliefs about why we shouldn’t have fun.  If anything, fun is something that we typically promote in our society (at least, this is the case in American culture).  We encourage each other to enjoy sports and leisure, we look forward to vacations where we can cut loose and we consider good humor to be an admirable trait.  For this reason, most of us don’t have a lot of resistance on the subject of fun, and this makes it easier to attract.

Besides being easy to attract, there are several benefits to manifesting more enjoyment into your life. On one end, having fun is gratifying in and of itself.  On the other, having fun actually helps you manifest the other tangible things that you want.  

This is because when you are having fun you are in a high vibrational state, and this makes you more receptive to attracting all of the things you want.  Good emotions will attract to you other things that will make you feel good  (like the new car, dream job or great relationship).  Working on having fun is a great way to indirectly begin to manifest more of the things you want in life. 

So here are a few simple ways to put more fun into your life.  Do what you can to add a little more pleasure into your day and not only will you enjoy the moment and attract more fun to yourself, but you will also begin to manifest more items on your wish list with the Law of Attraction.

10 Easy Ways to Have More Fun

1. Use music, especially during boring times

Good music can liven up any occasion.  So listen to music while driving to work or doing chores to make these activities less tedious and more amusing.  I personally listen to music when I mop the floors, edit my articles and style my hair.  Just be certain to pick music that is fun and pumps you up.

2.  Listen to and watch comedy for extra laughs

You can also listen to comedy to have a laugh at any time.  Find a few comedy stations that you like on Pandora or XM Radio and click over to them when you’re cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry.

3. Have your business meetings and appointments at a coffee-house or at your favorite restaurant.

Meetings are a lot more fun and casual when you are in a pleasant environment with good food or drink.  As an added benefit, fun meetings establish fun working relationships.

So if you need to discuss business, or interview someone to work for you for some reason, pick a place that will bring out the best in your mood.

4.  Play video games on your smart phone

While we don’t want to “zone out” all day long, when we are bored and have nothing to do (like when waiting at the doctor’s office) playing a game can make the time pass more pleasantly.  Download a few games on your smartphone (if you have one) and play them when you’re stuck in a mind-numbing situation.

5. Bring a good book with you

If you prefer reading to video games, bring your latest book with you wherever you go, or download it to your phone or Kindle/Nook.  Whenever you have a break or you have time to kill, break out your book to give you some enjoyment during a time you would traditionally be bored.

6. Take the scenic route

Most of us take the fastest route to the destinations we are trying to get to, but if there is a more enjoyable route that takes you along the beach, through the historical part of town or winds through a beautiful forest, why not take it-at least once in a while?

A few extra minutes of travel time is worth it if you enjoy the journey.  Besides, you’ll be in a better mood when you arrive at your destination.

7. Make other people laugh or smile

When you approach someone who is down, angry or just looks bored, take an opportunity to see if you can turn their mood around just for fun.  Making someone else smile or laugh will greatly increase the fun in your life.

If you like to tell jokes, spread them around! If you’re not much of a jokester, you can simply get in the habit of giving away warm smiles.  Smiles are contagious!

Additionally, if you start habitually making other people smile and laugh, you will attract people to you who try to make you smile and laugh.   This makes it easier to stay in a good mood and have fun on a consistent basis when you’re out and about.  It’s kind of like having an insurance policy for a good mood because when you’re down you’ll attract people who lift you up.

8. Pass along funny media to your friends via text, email or social media

When you see funny memes or cute videos online send your friends a quick chuckle by forwarding them on.  Spreading laughter is one of the quickest ways to attract more laughter back to you.

The nice thing about this one is that when you send funny stuff to your friends, they will probably start sending funny stuff back to you. Then you will start receiving comical messages and memes spontaneously throughout the day and you’ll have more opportunities to laugh and smile.

9. Ask for it!

Each day, ask the universe to bring you fun and enjoyment.  Set your intention to have fun every morning with a quick meditation or prayer, and the universe will start to deliver more enjoyable experiences to you.

10. Be willing to accept the fun moments when they come

Sometimes when we are working hard or are deep in thought, our friends, partners or kids will try to interrupt us with something funny.  Instead of shooing them away, try to be prepared to stop what you’re doing and enjoy the funny moment!

If you want more fun in your life, you have to be willing to accept the fun that is knocking on your door. You’ll have time to finish your work later, and when you return to it you’ll be in better spirits.

The goal of these suggestions is simply for you to adjust your daily schedule to be slightly more entertaining and amusing.  With a small amount of effort you can begin to manifest more fun, and with continued effort the pleasure in your life will begin to snowball, causing enjoyment and amusement to be some of your predominant daily emotions.

Remember, reaching for more fun in your life will not only help you enjoy the moment and create more fun in the future, but it will also help you start to manifest the other things you are reaching for.  Smiles, laugher and amusement attract back to them other things that will make you smile, laugh and be amused. 

So as you move about your day, make a conscious effort to have a little more fun, and then allow the momentum to build naturally.  Enjoy the ride! 

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    Sorry to be rude, but the fourth one is a terrible advice. learning to enjoy the void/communicating with yourself is much better than trying to escape by stimulating yourself.

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts lIlIIIlIllI <3

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    This article was fantastic! Thank you for writing it and raising my morning vibration.

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