We all have goals that we want to achieve.  Some of us are trying to advance our careers, while others are trying to lose weight or want to have a baby.   

Whatever our goals are, we would probably like to know if we are going to achieve them! Fortunately, with a little investigation, we  can easily figure out whether or not we will reach our goals.

So, will you achieve your goals?  If you can say “yes!” to all four of these signs, your dream is on its way, guaranteed.  If you find that any of these statements are not true for you, all you have to do is follow some small adjustments to get on the right path.

1. You are excited about it: Excitement is a powerful emotion that brings your goals closer to you.  When you think about your goal, does it make you feel inspired, uplifted or excited? If so, you are working with an achievable dream.

If instead you feel pessimistic or anxious about your dream, it’s not a big deal.  This does not mean that you will never meet your goal.  It simply means that you are not vibrationally ready to pursue it, but you may be in the near future!

To get excited about your dream, all you need to do is put it on the bench for a little while.  While the first dream is on the sidelines, pick up another (smaller) goal that you do feel excited about, and follow through the remaining steps until this smaller dream has been achieved.

Once you can show yourself that this process really works with your smaller dreams, you will start to believe that you can achieve more.  Start small and work your way up!

2. You are talking about it: If you are excited about your goal, the next indication that you will reach it is that you are telling the world about it.  You aren’t hiding your goal or keeping it secret, but rather you are letting people know that it is your intention to achieve it.

Sharing your dream with others is a sign that you are confident in your ability to achieve it, and confidence is crucial.  Even if you don’t fully feel self-assured yet, act as if you are and let the cat out of the bag.  Pretending to be confident will actually make you more confident!

3. You are taking steps toward it: If you have started taking the actions necessary to achieve your dream, then you are moving in the right direction.

If you haven’t yet taken action, spend a few minutes and identify a small step you can take today and take it!  It may be as simple as making a phone call, doing an internet search or writing a list.

As Lao Tzu famously said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Take the first step, and the next one will be shown to you!  Stay on the path, and keep moving forward.

4. You attack your obstacles with a positive attitude: Many people get discouraged the first time they fall off the horse, and they easily give up.

Problems and mistakes are actually good for us because they challenge us to think deeply, consider things we’ve never considered before and become skilled enough to create our dreams exactly the way we want them to be.

To reach your goals, view your obstacles as “classes” that the universe has enrolled you in to teach you what you need to know to be successful!  If you are already doing this, you are definitely on your way!

So, even if we are uncertain as to whether or not we will achieve our goals, the difference between someone who will reach their goal and someone who will not is fairly easy to identify.  

If each of these sign is true of you and your goal, congratulations! Rest assured, your dream is on its way, so long as you stay on this path.  If one or more of these signs do not apply to you, all you have to do is adjust your approach.  The power to achieve your dream is always 100% in your hands!

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Photo Credit: “Rainbow Across Yellowstone Lake” by David Grimes. Some Rights Reserved.  This image has been cropped and resized.

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