Each color has its own frequency vibration, and corresponds to a particular chakra (or energy center) in your body. Selecting and using the right color allows you to harness its frequency vibration, which in turn helps you to create your reality intentionally. Learn more about the meaning of colors below.

Colors and Frequency Vibration

Everything in the universe is made up of one thing, and that is light energy. Light energy moves at different frequencies, but the human eye is only capable of perceiving light in a frequency range of about 400nm-700nm (from red to violet). However, there are other animal species that are capable of perceiving even more frequencies and colors (for example, many birds and insects can see ultraviolet light, which is of a higher frequency than we can perceive).

Regardless of the range of color and frequency vibration that we are able to see, the ability to perceive different colors simply means that we have an innate ability to easily detect the vibration that we need and want. An easy way to help create your reality is through using colors that align with the vibrations of what you desire.

Meaning of Colors: Chakra Guide

Colors correspond to different energy centers in the body called chakras. Each chakra of the body balances, stores and distributes the energy needed for life. You can understand the meaning of colors by relating them to their chakras.

From top to bottom, the chakras and their corresponding colors are listed below. As you can tell, the higher chakras relate to higher positions in the body, higher vibrational colors and higher, more evolved needs (like spiritual connectivity), while the lower chakras relate to lower positions in the body, lower vibrational colors and lower, more basic needs (like survival) :

Chakras, or energy centers, of the body. Each chakra aligns with a particular color and vibration, from the highest vibrations (or the colors of white and purple at the crown and third eye), to the lowest vibrations (or the color of red at the root chakra).

1. Crown Chakra “Sahasrara” (Purple or White): Associated with spirituality, enlightenment and connection with Source Energy.

2. Third Eye Chakra “Anja” (Indigo/Very Dark Blues): Intuition, dreams, psychic ability

3. Throat Chakra “Vishuddha” (Blue): Communication, speech, hearing

4. Heart Chakra “Anahata” (Green or Pink): Love

5. Solar Plexus/Naval Chakra “Manipura” (Yellow): Power

6. Sacral Chakra “Swadhisthana” (Orange): Sexuality, creativity

6. Root Chakra “Muladhara” (Red, Brown, Black, or Gray): Survival, protection, being grounded

Using Colors to Create Your Reality

While it is true that some colors (like purple) have a higher vibration and frequency than other colors (like red), each color serves an important purpose. Using color effectively requires that you are knowledgeable about color frequency vibration and the chakras (as outlined above).

Once you understand the basics, you can easily decide what clothes to wear, what color car to buy, or what color to paint your room. Depending on what you are trying to achieve in life, you can surround yourself with the color that best represents the chakra that is needed to create your reality the way you want. Here are a few examples of how to use color effectively:

1. Want to give a great presentation, speech or sales pitch? Wear a blue shirt, suit or dress to communicate more effectively.

2. Do you have to be around toxic people for some reason today? Wear black to protect yourself from absorbing their energy.

3. Want to cheer up a sick or sad friend? Wear green or pink to bring the presence of unconditional love to your friend.

4. Trying to amp up your sex life? Wear orange.

5. Want to remember your dreams at night or lucid dream? Wear indigo or violet pajamas, or purchase bedding in these colors.

6. Need a boost of confidence? Wear yellow.

7. When meditating: Imagine white light.

8. What color to paint the baby’s room? I recommend green or pink to envelop your new child in love.

9. Are you depressed? People tend to select colors like black, red, brown or gray when they are down, but it is advisable to resist this urge and pick higher vibrational colors to lift your spirits.

XO, Andrea

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    Thank you <3

  • Andrea
    Posted September 7, 2018 6:55 am 0Likes

    I’m wondering if part of the effect of a color on you has to do with what you, personally, consciously or unconsciously associate that color with. For instance, I used to hate wearing or decorating with gray. The last few years, I’ve started liking wearing gray. Then I remembered that a few years ago I was swimming with dolphins in the Caribbean. I love dolphins and was amazed with their physical strength! Since I’ve been healing from a chronic illness, I was drawn to the strength of the dolphins. I believe that, that is why I now love having some gray in my wardrobe and in my home, as I associate the color with the color of dolphins and their strength!

  • Andrea Schulman
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    I’m sure it could…the meaning we assign would be important

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    This was very inspirational! Im on a path of spiritual awakening and reading this is very helpful.Thank you for your information, beloved 🙂

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  • Anonymous
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    I had a session in spirit while sleeping. I was eveloped in a ball that appeared as a drop of liquid being examined under a microscope. Within this ball were several colors and crystal balls floating around me, also red, blue,yellow, all i remember?? I had the feeling it was life as it really is… our bodies self created within this ? Also a message saying, “ each color has a resonance you may use positively on this hu-man journey you have chosen.,.. sandy

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    Thankyou, you remind me what thinks I have forgotten and must get back to.this is our soul language

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    The link to get VIP access to your LOA database makes it difficult to read your post. It floats over top of your words, with no option to close or minimize it. Maybe that was done on purpose to make sure its noticable. If so, disregard this comment. Lol. I just wanted to let you know in case you weren’t aware. Otherwise, this is a wonderful and informative post. Thanks for all of the information. -♥- Jamie Nicole

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    I recently found out that black is for me through an image consultant. I put this to the test and noticed an immediate difference in the way I was treated. I used receive compliments on it, so reading about how it can repel toxic people is an added bonus!

  • Samuel
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    Wearing black won’t protect you, black absorbs. If you’re going to be around toxic people wear white

  • Emilie
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    Hello! Thank you, that helps!
    However about protecting ourselves wearing black clothes, I thought we had to wear white to protecte ourselves? because black might absorb negative energies? I am confused!
    Thank you for your help!

  • D.Bentley
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    Can you post a photograph of a chakra please or a photo of one removed by a surgeon as I think one of mine is either broken or infected and I need to see a whole one so I can make a repair.

  • Andi
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    I’m interested to know the comparison to wearing black for people who keep vedic astrology in mind. It apparently attracts malefic moon tendencies which can have rather detrimental effects .

    How is all of this information quantified and qualified to be sure that it’s all correct.

    In some cases it’s good to wear black but if you moon is malefic, it could bring disaster

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