***this is the only program I offer with personal coaching***

Extreme Abundance is a step-by-step abundance attraction training program.

In this course we will train your mind to efficiently and effectively manifest prosperity on a consistent basis.

All course materials are immediately available upon signup and are yours to keep forever. Follow along at your own pace.


The ideal course registrant:

  • Knows what the law of attraction is, and has a basic understanding of how it works.
  • Has had some success in attracting smaller sums of money.
  • Is interested in drastically improving his or her financial situation.
  • Is open-minded and willing to think differently about money.
  • Tends to think more optimistically than pessimistically (focuses on the positive more than the negative).


Dedicated course registrants will:

  • Learn (and understand fully) the process of money manifestation.
  • Identify and correct his or her money attracting blocks and limitations.
  • Consistently think in a way that attracts a strong flow of money.
  • Identify and correct his or her lack behaviors.
  • Consistently act in a way that attracts a strong flow of money.
  • Attract substantially more money into his or her life.
  • Be able to rely on the flow of money increasing for the rest of his or her life.


PART 1: Extreme Abundance Introduction (audio)

PART 2: Manifesting Money 101 (audio)

PART 3: How to Think Abundantly (audio)

PART 4: Identifying Your Personal Blocks (pdf)

PART 5: List of Negative Wealth Beliefs (pdf)

PART 6: List of Positive Wealth Beliefs (pdf)

PART 7: How to Act As If! (audio)

PART 8: Eliminating Your Negative Money Actions (audio)

PART 9: Common Negative Money Actions (pdf)

PART 10: How to Take Positive Money Actions! (audio)

PART 11: Effective Positive Money Actions (pdf)

PART 12: Building Your Wealth Momentum (audio)

PART 13: Extreme Abundance Conclusion (audio)

BONUS:  Wealth Conversation Scripts (pdf)

BONUS: Personal Abundance Coaching – Submit your personal questions about abundance attraction and I will record a 15 minute audio coaching response to help you specifically. You will receive your coaching audio from me via email-yours to keep forever.


*I will be contacting you within 24 hours after you sign up to ensure you have received all of the course materials. Please download all course materials to a computer or laptop as soon as possible once you have enrolled.


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