Would you like to manifest your best body ever, and keep it?

No more yo-yo dieting. No more gains followed by losses.

Superior Fitness will teach you to adopt the mindset of lifetime physical fitness, and it will show you the path of least resistance to your ideal body.

All course materials are immediately available upon signup. This program is yours to keep forever. Follow along at your own pace, and revisit the materials whenever you want!

The ideal course registrant:

  • Has at least a beginner’s understanding of the law of attraction.
  • Is open to changing his or her mind about what would work for him/her.
  • Considers him/herself to be a positive thinker who is more optimistic than pessimistic.
  • Is sincerely interested in creating his/her dream body.
  • Likes the idea of being physically active in some way or form.
  • Wants to be fit for life, and does not want to experience loss after progress.
  • Can be any size, age, or level of fitness/health.

Dedicated course registrants will:

  • Create an indestructible mindset that guarantees top physical condition.
  • Identify as a person who is in top physical form.
  • Manifest superior physical fitness through the mental and behavioral adaptations outlined in the course.
  • Create his/her ideal physique in a way that is fun, exciting and tremendously rewarding.
  • Massively surpass his or her current goals for fitness.
  • Maintain his/her ideal physique for life.

Superior Fitness Includes: 

PART 1: “Manifesting Superior Fitness Basics” (20 minute audio)

PART 2: “How to Establish Your Superior Fitness Mindset” (27 minute audio)

PART 3: “Fitness Mindset Workbook” (9 pages)

PART 4: “Your Path of Least Resistance to Superior Fitness” (45 minute audio)

PART 5: “Path of Least Resistance Workbook” (18 pages)

PART 6: “How to Stay on Track FOREVER” (30 minute audio)

BONUS: Tips and Tricks Packet (32 fitness hacks)

Speed is a factor

This program is designed to help you get into shape as quickly as possible.

I have included techniques that are proven to accelerate your progress quickly.

Follow the methods, and you will start seeing results quickly. Acceleration and speed of progress is a key part of my program.

Your exercise/activity plan will be built specifically for you

I am not here to tell you what exercises to do, but rather to help you be led to the activities that will work for you for the body you want to achieve.


Follow the methods, and you will find out exactly what those activities are.

You will maintain motivation

If you have had a “start and stop” philosophy with exercise, this program will help you tremendously!

I have included a number of effective techniques that will cause you to cultivate a strong DESIRE to stay engaged with your fitness.

You will not want to fall off, you will WANT to stay in the game. You will WANT to improve. You will WANT to see what you can do and achieve.

Follow the methods, and you will tap into limitless motivation.

Easy does it

This course is designed to get you into the flow with a lot of ease and fun along the way. You will begin where you are and naturally fall into the flow of fitness.

You are not (I repeat-NOT!) to overdo it at any stage in your fitness progression.

Overdoing it is against the rules of this program. Always listen to your body and stop when it tells you to stop.

Same goes for your nutrition

This program is designed to help you intuitively be guided into the nutrition that will work for you.

You are not (I repeat-NOT!) to make unnaturally drastic cuts to your calories or make any other uncomfortable changes to your current nutrition.

Follow the nutritional advice of this course and you will be guided appropriately and comfortably into the kind of eating patterns that will fuel your ideal physique in a healthy and self-loving way.

It’s ok if you don’t have the “best” eating habits right now. Good eating habits are relative and flexible!

You can eat food and still get in shape. I’m 100% in love with ice cream and pizza and I promise you, I’m never giving them up.

I’m totally serious here. Crash diets don’t work, unless you want to gain the weight later or develop an eating disorder.

So forget about crash diets right now and never look back. They are simply not a part of this plan.

Your mindset WILL change: 

This program is designed to help you cultivate the appropriate mindset and thought patterns for superior, lasting fitness.

Be sure to completely fill out the “Fitness Mindset Workbook” and be sure to follow the suggestions on the final page of the workbook.

These are easy techniques, but mental practice is required to make your new mindset automatic and reliable.

For those with health/medical concerns: 

If you have a health or medical concern you can still work this program!

This course is designed to assist you in finding the kind of exercises and activities that are appropriate for exactly where you are in your current state of health.

Yes, regardless of your physical condition, there are activities that will work for you.

And if your health is in question-figuring out what these activities are is absolutely critical to improving the quality of your life!

Be sure to select activities based on the advice in “Your Path of Least Resistance” audio and workbook.

Pay special attention to activities you highlight that are reasonable to begin with (page 8 of the Path of Least Resistance Workbook ).

Please note: If you have a severe medical condition please review activities with your doctor or medical professional prior to beginning to ensure you have selected the best activities for you. Remember-easy does it! 

Expect to have your mind blown along the way: 

Though it’s possible you were drawn to this program for a singular reason, like perhaps “looking good for the summer,” this program is going to expand how you think about fitness in a massive way.

These methods have not only gotten me into the best shape I’ve ever been in, but they have caused me to fall in love with taking care of myself and treating myself with a high amount of love and respect.

Expect not just a physical transformation, but a spiritual one as well. 

And perhaps the most important thing: 

There is NOTHING (I repeat-NOTHING!) out there that has the power to get in your way of achieving your ideal fitness.

Whether it’s a physical ailment, a mental block, your nutrition, having young children, menopause, low testosterone, your current weight, age, occupation or anything else…

Any concern you have about your ability to get into shape is simply a limiting belief preventing your progress right now. 

Absolutely nothing can get in your way when you finally decide for real that you are going to get in the best shape of your life.

You create your reality. Yes-YOU.

Remember that always.

XO, Andrea

*I will be contacting you within 24 hours after you sign up to ensure you have received all of the course materials. Please download all course materials as soon as possible once you have enrolled. The links to this course do expire, be sure to download to a desktop or laptop computer ASAP. 



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