Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace

Being a positive person is easier when are all alone. Get us in a group, and sometimes staying positive is a challenge! In particular, overcoming negativity in the workplace can appear to be quite a feat.

I often get questions from viewers and readers on dealing with negative coworkers and negativity in the workplace.

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After all, if you are stuck next to someone most of the day who complains, gossips, or is just downright rude, that energy can easily suck you in. Energy is quite contagious!

So today, I wanted to share with you two suggestion to help you overcome negativity in the workplace.

Suggestion 1:

Meditate immediately prior to working.

If negativity in the workplace is an issue we struggle with, often we show up at work a little bit tense.

Instead of walking into work feeling calm, centered and ready for the day, we walk in guarded. We are expecting problems-our shields are up!

But that is a BIG problem when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

We attract to us people and situations that mirror how we are feeling internally. So entering into the work place already in a state of worry or concern only attracts more nonsense from our coworkers!

So, to help counteract this natural tendency, I’ve found that meditating just prior to walking into work can make a HUGE difference.

Spending 10 minutes in your car (or some other place you can hide away to meditate) before starting work can do wonders for your internal state.

Then, when you greet your coworkers, you’ll be in a more relaxed state of being. This more relaxed state of being will attract more relaxed interactions with the people you work with.

Mediating just prior to work is an excellent method for overcoming negativity in the workplace.

Suggestion 2:

Focus on what your negative coworkers are helping you with.

Now, the natural tendency when it comes to “toxic” or “negative” people is to focus on the irritation those people are bring to us.

We notice how loud they are, how rude they are or how much they annoy us.

However, unfortunately, the more we focus on the things we do not like about people, the more they exhibit those traits! With the Law of Attraction, what we focus on expands!

So something else that can be tremendously useful is to use our focus in a more constructive way.

When dealing with your coworkers and people in your workplace, take some time to notice how those people are helping you.

Does Donna sometimes bring in treats to the office? Does Bob ever make funny jokes? Are the people in your workplace doing anything helpful or enjoyable?

Start to become observer of what the people in your workplace are doing that you appreciate, and you’ll be using the Law of Attraction more to your advantage. The more we notice what we appreciate, the more things to appreciate in the workplace will pop up. It is law.

For more on these ideas check out this quick video:

I hope you’ve enjoyed these suggestions on overcoming negativity in the workplace. You deserve to enjoy your profession, so let the Law of Attraction create a more peaceful and productive environment for you to thrive in!

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

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