Everyone You Meet Is There For a Reason

Do you enjoy everyone you meet throughout the day? Or does it feel more like most of the people you encounter are simply in the way?

It’s easy to get used to the idea that everything is random. That life and everything in it is just one big ball of chaos. That we are all simply banging into each other willy nilly.

However, the more I move along in life, the more I’m coming to understand that everyone you meet is there for a reason. The encounters we have with others are not at all random or chaotic.

From the friends in your life to the cashier at the grocery store, it’s all been orchestrated for a reason. Every person put in front of you has a purpose to serve on your journey.

Sometimes, the reason is to remind you of something you need to know. Others, it’s to teach you something you need to know to keep moving forward.

I’ve also found that people are there sometimes to slow me down, or to nudge me along.

After all…

We are all connected and guided by the same divine force. Like a flock of birds flying in a synchronous pattern, we too move together and rely on one another. When we forget that we are a part of the whole, we get frustrated. We fall out of synch with the flock.

This causes irritation, annoyance, and a general “bashing into the other birds” experience.

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But when we acknowledge our connectivity we flow through life easily with others.

So while getting stuck behind a slow moving driving can be irritating, I’ve come to appreciate now that the driver is there to slow me down for a reason. Instead of beeping my horn and screaming in my car I remind myself “he’s there for a reason.”

And while sometimes when a stranger comes up to talk to me it may seem like an interruption, now I listen to what the stranger says. After all, she’s there for a reason, and if she’s talking to me, clearly there is something I need to hear.

The more I’ve learned to appreciate that everyone around me is there for a reason, the easier it’s been for me to flow with the flock. Further, the more open I’ve been to divine guidance-which is there to help us live this life from a state of joy and purpose.

So today…

As you encounter people (new and old) interact with them from the perspective that they are there for a reason. They are there to help you, whether it appears so or not. The more we acknowledge that those around us are there for a reason, the more apparent those reasons become. Even better, the more we acknowledge the importance of each person in our life, the more we enjoy we enjoy the people around us.

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

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